Royal Mail seeks to Assure UK Customers Regarding Mail Disruption During the Olympics

By | July 18th, 2012|Everything Dinosaur News and Updates|0 Comments

Royal Mail Does Not Expect Significant Interruption to UK Mail Deliveries During the Olympics

Officials at the Royal Mail are assuring customers in the United Kingdom that during the Olympics, despite the significant road closures in and around London, they are not expecting too much service disruption.  London is the first city in history to host the Games three times and although there will be a number of road closures, Royal Mail anticipates that deliveries and collections will take place as usual.

In an information release, the Royal Mail state that over the past twelve months or so the company’s business experts have liaised with local personnel as well as the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) and Transport for London (TfL) to minimise any mail delays.

With a population of around eight million people, delivering and collecting mail in the London area is a huge logistical task already.  The influx of visitors and the subsequent road closures that will be taking place throughout the Games will add to the difficulties.  Whilst we at Everything Dinosaur, praise the organisers and companies like Royal Mail for their proactive approach, we would advise that extra time be given by customers to getting mail to recipients.  In these circumstances it is better to purchase early rather than procrastinate, after all, despite the very best efforts of all concerned some delays may occur.

A spokes person from Everything Dinosaur, the Cheshire based supplier of dinosaur toys and games, commented:

“We do appreciate that the road closures may lead to some delays in the delivery of parcels.  However, our customers can be assured that we at Everything Dinosaur will be working longer shifts to ensure that we can keep up to speed with the packing and despatching of deliveries.”