A Special Dinosaur Day at Grange Moor Primary

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Rounding of a Dinosaur Themed Term Topic in Style

Last week team members at Everything Dinosaur were in Yorkshire (England) working with the enthusiastic young dinosaur fans at Grange Moor Primary.  For Mrs Fenton’s class this was an opportunity to round off their term topic on dinosaurs with a visit from one of our dinosaur experts.

Term Topic on Dinosaurs

As a special treat, the children were allowed to come to school dressed as a dinosaur if they wanted to.  They made quite a colourful display with their dinosaur masks and costumes.  Some clever mums even made paper mache dinosaur hats, these were very impressive and they looked great in the classroom with all the dinosaur themed art and project work that the pupils had been creating.

Enthusiastic dinosaur fan.

Picture credit: Grange Moor Primary

The children had certainly enjoyed their term topic.  There were lots of examples of their school-work on display, including some colourful dinosaurs that had been created using painted, paper plates to make the bodies.  The teachers and teaching assistants had taken great care to include a vast array of different types of lesson, all aimed at stimulating and enthusing the class.

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Dinosaur Day – Class Photograph

Roaring like a Dinosaur!

Picture credit: Grange Moor Primary School

All the young dinosaur fans enjoyed themselves and we were asked lots of questions (which we did our best to answer), we even met one young pupil who had decided to become a palaeontologist when he was older – good for him!

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