“Prehistoric Times” (issue 102)

The next edition of the quarterly magazine “Prehistoric Times” is out next week.  Mike Fredericks, the editor of this prestigious magazine for dinosaur fans and dinosaur model collectors sent us a picture of the front cover.   We can’t wait to get our copy, Mike tells us in an email that he will start shipping copies next week.

Summer 2012 Edition of Prehistoric Times

Giganotosaurus on the front cover.

Picture credit: Mike Fredericks/Prehistoric Times

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“Prehistoric Times”

It looks like the Giganotosaurus depicted on the front cover has been in a fight.  From the puncture wounds and cuts on the snout and jaws we could surmise that this is a result of face-biting between two of these huge, fearsome creatures.  Pathology on the jaws and snouts of theropod dinosaurs suggests that such intraspecific combats did occur (competition between two animals of the same species).  These fights could have been between siblings to establish dominance, or within adult animals to establish a hierarchy within a pack, or possible fights over females between males or squabbles over a kill.  With a skull measuring around six feet in length and with jaws liked with re-curved and very sharp teeth  you would not want to get into an argument with a Giganotosaurus.

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Packed full of features, reviews, news about the latest fossil discoveries this magazine is ideal for grown up dinosaur fans and model collectors – we heartily recommend it.