How to Recycle Dinosaur Excavation Kits

At Everything Dinosaur, we get lots of enquiries about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals every day.  We try our best to answer every one, passing on information and advice and helping out with general queries.  Many teachers contact us, asking for help with lesson plans, ideas on how to go about teaching a dinosaur topic, a dinosaur workshop and so forth.  Here again, our qualified teachers in the company are happy to help. We spend a lot of our time advising and helping teachers.

One familiar theme that crops up time and time again is how to get the best out of any dinosaur themed teaching resources.  Many schools purchase prehistoric animal excavation kits for use in the classroom.  These kits consist of  a gypsum block that contains the model of a dinosaur or some such other extinct creature.  Children can use these kits to excavate their own dinosaur model.

Recycle Dinosaur Excavation Kits

Of course, once the prehistoric animal has been dug out once, that’s it, but not with Everything Dinosaur.  We have produced a short video (four minutes and twenty seconds) that shows teachers, home educators and parents how they can recycle their dinosaur excavation kit or fossil find so that they can be used again and again.

All you need are a few household items and you can recycle your dinosaur excavation kit.  We have used these kits in our own teaching work and my own set has lasted ten years and they are still going strong.

Everything Dinosaur’s Video of How to Recycle a Dinosaur Excavation Kit

Everything Dinosaur helps with dinosaur resources for schools.

 Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

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Helping Teachers

Teachers, parents and home educators can effectively re-use Everything Dinosaur’s fossil finds and prehistoric animal excavation kits.  By doing this they can keep teaching costs down, recycling resources for use with different classes.

 Fossil Finds, Prehistoric Animal Kits can be Recycled

Save Money by recycling excavation kits.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

For large kits, instead of casting the plastic model in a yogurt pot we tend to use a butter tub, or small, plastic ice cream container.  It is just simply a case of scaling up to accommodate the larger animal model.  We store our kits in plastic bags, with each kit in its own bag.  Freezer bags are ideal as they often have a white space on them which you can use to write a label.  Keep the excavation tools with the recycled kit for use again when digging out another time.  Team members at Everything Dinosaur, even tear off the label from the original packaging and put this in the plastic bag.  This provides an extra reference as to which prehistoric animal each kit contains.

By recycling excavation kits such as these teachers, parents and home educators can save money.

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