100th Edition of Prehistoric Times Magazine – Here we Go!

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Expecting our Anniversary Edition of “Prehistoric Times” Any Day Now

One of the most exciting events of the Holocene epoch is nearly upon us, the long awaited, highly anticipated arrival of the 100th edition of “Prehistoric Times”.  To mark this special occasion the team behind the U.S. based magazine will be printing it with two centenary front covers.  As Mike Fredericks, the editor of “Prehistoric Times”, (otherwise known as PT) states:

“I am very proud to announce that the 100th issue of Prehistoric Times magazine is being printed now and will start shipping next week.  The issue features Albertosaurus and Dimetrodon, has an interview with the amazingly talented artist Peter Schouten, a behind the scenes look at the Terra Nova TV show, plus Steve Brusatte lists the top Paleo News of 2011 and on and on!”

When asked about to describe the two special front covers that have been chosen for this landmark publication, Mike added:

“The issue sports two different awesome Albertosaurus front covers. One by Fabio Pastori and the other by Raul Martin.  It is because of our loyal readers that I get to continue to have the time of my life producing this magazine.  I can’t thank you enough.”

Which Cover will you Get?

All Albertosaurus but which one will you get?

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Prehistoric Times

We are looking forward to receiving our copy and to writing a review of this very special publication.

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