Everything Dinosaur’s Specialists Come to the Aid of Parents and Teachers

The product range at Everything Dinosaur is huge.  Each year it seems to get bigger and bigger, but we stick to our principles of always testing products and getting the opinions of our field testers before any item gets into our shop.  This research pays dividends as our team members acquire knowledge about the products that we sell and this can prove extremely helpful for our customers.

Prehistoric Animal Models

Take for example, the various sets of prehistoric animals that we sell.  The dinosaur experts at the company take great care in selecting ranges of models that are  a reasonably accurate interpretation of Dinosauria.  The play potential is assessed and we look for models of different and unusual prehistoric animals to add to our ranges.  The popular “Dinosaurs in a tin” product, consisting of selected animal models provided in their own handy, tin, dinosaur themed storage box is a case in point.  Our knowledge about what we sell and the care taken in choosing such items for our shop pays handsome dividends when parents and teachers ask for further information.

The Dinosaurs in a Tin Product from Everything Dinosaur

A popular Christmas gift – Dinosaurs in a Tin.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur

Many parents, teachers and guardians know that their budding, young palaeontologist is going to ask them about the models in the set.  This can be a little tricky, however, thanks to the work put in by our team members the answers are readily available.  For example, each model in the dinosaurs in a tin gift set has a unique code carefully printed on the underside.  This code consists of a letter and a digit, for example C5, A7 etc.  The code can be difficult to spot but usually a careful examination of the belly area of the model is all that is required.  The experts at Everything Dinosaur have then used this code to identify the prehistoric animal the model represents.  They even have produced a handy identification and pronunciation guide to help grown ups answer the questions posed by their young charges.

Everything Dinosaur’s Handy Model Identification Guide

Helping parents, teachers and guardians.

Table credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the selection of dinosaur and prehistoric animal model sets provided by Everything Dinosaur on their award-winning website: Dinosaur Models and Model Sets.

Our team members are all dinosaur enthusiasts, they are happy to share their knowledge and help out in this way.  One suggestion is to get your young dinosaur fan to name the models first, then working with them (after all, their young, keen eyes can spot the product codes easily), use the identification table to see how many they got right – it is all part of the learning process and our staff are happy to answer any emails providing further information on the particular dinosaurs and prehistoric animals.