New Scale Model of Amargasaurus

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Scale Model of Amargasaurus available in Spring 2012

One of the more bizarre of the late iplodocids is the Amargasaurus from the Lower Cretaceous strata of Argentina.  This dinosaur had a relatively short neck for a sauropod.  The spines sticking up from the backbone between the shoulders and the hips probably carried a sail-like structure with the cervical spines perhaps providing a deterrent from attack.

This Cretaceous giant will be available as a 1:40 scale model from CollectA.  The dinosaur replica, a most impressive sauropod model, will be available in the spring.

The New CollectA Amargasaurus Model (Collecta dinosaurs)

A 1:40 scale model of the bizarre, South American sauropod Amargasaurus.

We are delighted with this new interpretation of this diplodocid.  The CollectA Amargasaurus dinosaur model will be part of the new for 2012 CollectA Deluxe/Supreme prehistoric animal model series.

To see the extensive range of CollectA scale models in stock at Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website: CollectA Deluxe/Supreme Scale Prehistoric Animal Models.