Planet Dinosaur a Helpful Pronunciation Guide Part 2

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Planet Dinosaur Pronunciation Guide (D to M)

In response to enquiries we have compiled a pronunciation guide to accompany the prehistoric animals featured in the recent BBC television series “Planet Dinosaur”.  One of our tasks was to review the book that goes with this six-part television series, the book is called “Planet Dinosaur – The Next Generation of Giant Killers”, it is jam packed full of fascinating facts and the storyboard layout makes it an excellent read.

“Planet Dinosaur”

There are so many animals featured in the series, that we have divided the pronunciation guide into three parts, below is the second part of our list – animals from the series (D-M).

Everything Dinosaur’s Pronunciation Guide to “Planet Dinosaur”

Pronunciation guide (D to M).

Table credit: Everything Dinosaur

For the mums and dads struggling to keep up with their young, enthusiastic dinosaur fans this should prove helpful.  Everything Dinosaur team members have created a handy pronunciation guide to dinosaurs and prehistoric animals that featured in the recent television series “Planet Dinosaur.”

For models and replicas of prehistoric animals, many of which have featured in “Planet Dinosaur”: Prehistoric Life Models and Figures (CollectA).