New CollectA Prehistoric Mammal Model – Megacerops

During the Palaeogene the mammals diversified rapidly, quickly filling most of the ecological niches left vacant by the Cretaceous extinction event.  Some of the largest herbivores to evolve during this period were the Brontotheres, fossils of which can be found across the Northern Hemisphere.  Related to rhinos, horses and tapirs, these large grazers readily adapted to the drier environmental conditions in the latter stages of the Palaeogene which promoted the establishment of extensive grasslands.

CollectA Megacerops

CollectA will be introducing a model of a Brontothere (Megacerops) in 2012.

The New CollectA Megacerops Model (CollectA Prehistoric Animal Models)

A CollectA Megacerops on the charge.

Picture credit: CollectA/Everything Dinosaur

Another View of the CollectA Megacerops Model

A cool Megacerops model.

Picture Credit:CollectA/Everything Dinosaur

Typical of the group, this large herbivore lived in North America, we love the pose and the detail around the mouth and nostrils is excellent.  It is always a pleasure to see a new model of a prehistoric mammal come into a replica range.  The model is of a male Megacerops.

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