T. rex with its Dinner (Ornithomimid)

The latest pics of the 2012 CollectA model range have just been sent through and we are delighted to reveal the new Tyrannosaurus rex figure complete with a Struthiomimus (ornithomimid) in its mouth and what a super figure this is.  The model is to be called the CollectA T. rex with prey, or if you prefer the CollectA Tyrannosaurus rex with prey.

The New CollectA T. rex Model (available 2012)

A super T. rex model from CollectA (Age of Dinosaurs/Prehistoric Life figures).

Picture credit: CollectA/Everything Dinosaur

Designer Anthony Beeson commented to Everything Dinosaur:

“Here is my idea of Tyrannosaurus to replace our standard model.  It is mostly based on the “Sue” skeleton at Chicago’s Field Museum.  It is an innovative concept for a toy and I hope that you’ll like it.  What I did not want to do was to just produce yet another straightforward Tyrannosaurus figure and so have added the prey that he has just snatched up and is making off with.  I think Tyrannosaurus must have been beefier than is often portrayed and so I have made it a heavy creature with a massive tail to counterbalance the front part of the animal and to contain the muscles that powered it.  I particularly wanted to get away from the legacy of Jurassic Park that haunts our earlier tyrannosaurs.”

Tyrannosaurus rex Model

This is a terrific tyrannosaur model and we at Everything Dinosaur are most impressed.

T. rex with its dinner – a dinosaur takeaway perhaps?

Picture credit: CollectA/EverythingDinosaur

To see the diverse and eclectic range of dinosaur and prehistoric animal figures in the CollectA Prehistoric Life model series, take a look at this range on the Everything Dinosaur website: CollectA Dinosaur Models (Age of Dinosaurs).

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