Utahceratops takes to the Stage

The “weird and wonderful” world of ceratopsians got just a little more bizarre with the naming and formal description of the new ceratopsian – Utahceratops just a couple of years ago.  Easily distinguished by the horns and neck frills, ceratopsids have been favourite dinosaur of model makers and collectors for years.  The ceratopsids were one of the most successful of all the Dinosauria, it is good to see CollectA introduce a replica of a recently discovered member of this dinosaur family – Utahceratops. Everything Dinosaur team members can release the first image of the new for 2012 CollectA Utahceratops dinosaur model.

Utahceratops – Model from CollectA (CollectA – Age of Dinosaurs Model Series)

The CollectA Utahceratops dinosaur model due out in 2012.

CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Prehistoric Life Models

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