New line of Dead Dinosaur Models to be Introduced (Dead Triceratops Dinosaur Model)

It is the gory meat-eaters that continue to top Everything Dinosaur’s polls and surveys when it comes to peoples favourite prehistoric animal.  Children love it when we talk about how fierce meat-eating dinosaurs may have hunted and now a new model has been introduced to the CollectA range of dinosaurs that depicts the result of a large theropod attack on a Triceratops.

CollectA Dead Triceratops

The Triceratops Carcase Model

The CollectA dead Triceratops model.

A meal for a T. rex

The picture shows the corpse of a Triceratops which is due out in the CollectA range in 2012.  A gory model that we think will be a big hit with model makers and dinosaur fans generally.  We are about to conduct a series of presentations at a major museum (this weekend), and one of the topics we will focus on is what we think we know about how tyrannosaurids fed on such animals as Triceratops.  In future, we could perhaps use the model to help illustrate our talks.

CollectA Prehistoric Animal Models and Figures

The Triceratops carcase from CollectA will be one of several “dead dinosaur” figures that the company intends to add to their already impressive model series.

This model will be available in a few months, to see Everything Dinosaur’s current range of dinosaur models within the CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Prehistoric Life model series: CollectA Prehistoric Life.