Staveley Primary School’s Young Dinosaur Fans

Pupils at Staveley Community Primary and Nursery School (North Yorkshire) got the chance to get up close to Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops this week, when one of our team members came to visit Class 2 (year 1/reception) as part of the school’s teaching topic on dinosaurs.  After a morning of dinosaur themed activities and looking at fossils, helped by Mrs Lilley and Miss Richardson, the class was given the opportunity by their teacher Mrs Moss to design their very own dinosaur.

Young Palaeontologists

We were very kindly sent some examples of the children’s work and what an amazing mixture of prehistoric animals the pupils created.  Daniel sent us a drawing of his fearsome “Spikeosaurus”,  Anna did a drawing of “Spottyosaurus” both dinosaurs were aptly named as we don’t think we have ever seen such a spiky dinosaur as Daniel’s, or indeed one as spotty as the one in Anna’s picture.  Reuben created his own version of Microraptor giving us “blooasaurus” a big crest of blue feathers and a pair of very large wings, whilst William drew a “Belly-a-saurus” explaining that this particular bright red beastie was so called as it had a very big belly.  Finlay who along with Alex and Finlay2 had helped to cast a Velociraptor claw for the school’s dinosaur museum, provided us with a bright yellow “Finlayosaurus”, a sort of five-legged, daffodil coloured Stegosaurus-like creature, certainly one of the most colourful dinosaur drawings we have received in a long while.

Some of the Dinosaur Drawings Created by Class 2

Some of the amazing dinosaur pictures from Class 2.

Picture credit: Staveley Primary School

The girls in the office were particularly keen on Joe’s “Chocolate-oh-saurus”, combining two of their favourite things – chocolate and dinosaurs.  Team members also liked Max’s two-headed, long-necked dinosaur, what a monster, but perhaps the scariest looking of all was the drawing created by Maxine – were not sure how to pronounce the name of her ferocious looking prehistoric animal, we think it is something like “Mon-tee-tee-ex-tre-rex”.

A Dinosaur Museum

The children and their teachers have created their own dinosaur museum to exhibit their work and fossils that the children have found on their holidays.  All part of the term topic involving teaching about dinosaurs and fossils in schools.

The Dinosaur Museum Created by the Class

The pupil’s very own dinosaur museum.

Picture credit: Staveley Primary School

The museum contains lots of amazing objects that the pupils have collected, including the cast of the Velociraptor killing claw and the data sheet that Everything Dinosaur provided them with during the visit.  This fossil was cast by three volunteers from the class.

The Dinosaur Museum is Full of Fascinating Exhibits

Lots of fossils that the pupils have found.

Picture credit: Staveley Primary School

We have pinned up all the illustrations onto our notice board in the warehouse, they make us smile when we walk past them.  Our thanks to all the budding palaeontologists who helped with the experiments on the day and to those pupils who drew the dinosaur pictures for us.

For replicas of iconic animals from the fossil record including ammonites and trilobites as well as other prehistoric animal figures: Prehistoric Life Models (CollectA Figures).