World Museum Liverpool Challenges You to Build a Prehistoric Animal Model in Exciting Competition

Something for young, enthusiastic dinosaur fans – the opportunity to make a model of your favourite prehistoric animal (or an imagined one) and to take part in an exciting competition organised by World Museum Liverpool.

Calling all young palaeontologists and enthusiastic model makers, have you ever fancied building your own replica of a Tyrannosaurus rex?  How about a Stegosaurus sculpture or a clay Caudipteryx?  Well thanks to World Museum Liverpool, young people between the ages of 4-17 are being given the chance to create their own model monsters in the “Build a Dinosaur Competition”.

Prehistoric Animal

To celebrate the “Age of Dinosaurs” exhibition, which runs until April 15th 2012, the enthusiastic staff at the World Museum Liverpool are giving young people the chance to devise their very own dinosaur, flying reptile or to model a marine reptile.  Entries can be a representation of a prehistoric animal known from the fossil record or a creature conjured up from the imagination and all entries must be no more than 40 cm in any direction or weigh more than 5 kilograms, (sorry, no life–size Triceratops models allowed).

What Prehistoric Animal Model will you Create?

Reception class children build their own "prehistoric park".

A very colourful prehistoric landscape created by a Reception class.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

The competition runs from 22nd October and entries can be received at the World Museum Liverpool up until 23rd January 2012.  Just make sure that each competition entry is accompanied with the contact details (name, age and contact details) of the builder(s).  Don’t forget to give your representation of a prehistoric beastie a name – just like a real scientist.  Complete competition rules and further details are available at the Liverpool World Museum Website.

Sculpt a Sauropod or Chisel out a Chinasaurus?

Clay models on a prehistoric scale.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur


With fantastic prizes up for grabs, plus the chance to have your creation put on display at the museum, it’s enough to make budding palaeontologists and young dinosaur fans roar with excitement.

For further information please contact World Museum Liverpool.

Please note this competition has now closed.

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