Create your own Cretaceous Marine Pictures

The Western Interior Seaway, that huge sea that covered most of the central parts of Canada and the United States during the Cretaceous comes back to life with this fun magnetic play set featuring prehistoric animals.  Eighty million years ago, US States such as Kansas were at the bottom of a tropical sea that teemed with ancient life.  Animals such as the fearsome fish Xiphactinus and Caproberyx were hunted by ichthyosaurs (fish-lizards) and the huge, long-necked elasmosaurid Styxosaurus.  These creatures in turn were preyed upon by the apex predators of the time, the mosasaurs, giant reptiles such as the awesome Tylosaurus.  Now you can create your own prehistoric food chain with this fun magnetic sea monster play set.

Sea Monsters – A Prehistoric Adventure

Re-create the Western Interior Seaway.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The two-sided magnetic play mat (two different prehistoric backgrounds) and ten prehistoric animal, magnetic stickers permit young palaeontologists to recreate their own marine adventures.  It is a wonderful prehistoric animal and marine reptile themed gift.

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