Exciting New Additions to the CollectA Model Range

CollectA have announced that there will be a number of new additions to their range of prehistoric fauna and flora model ranges, including a number of new 1:40 scale models plus the introduction of cave people, in a first for this company.

CollectA Prehistoric Animal Model

The CollectA prehistoric animal model range has proved to be extremely popular amongst collectors and fans of dinosaur models.

These new models including Argentinosaurus, Mapusaurus and an exciting replica of the mysterious Deinocheirus will be released in the early spring and into the summer of 2012.

List of Models Due to be Launched in 2012 including CollectA Dinosaurs

New prehistoric animal models due to be launched.

Table credit: Everything Dinosaur with thanks to Anthony Beeson

We have provided a brief note next to each of the models to help readers, other items will be available as boxed sets.  Pictures should be with us shortly and we look forward to writing about these new and exciting additions which will be in stock with Everything Dinosaur next year.  It will be fascinating to see how the fossil material for Deinocheirus has been interpreted, this animal is only known from a pair of huge, forelimbs over eight feet in length.

The CollectA Range

Accompanying the release information there was a statement provided by Anthony Beeson, all round good guy, and one of the principals behind the CollectA range.  It is Anthony who continues to strive hard to get as many British dinosaurs represented in this range and we are delighted to see the long overlooked hypsilophodonts get their chance to be in the spotlight.

Anthony’s statement:

“2012 sees CollectA enter its sixth year of existence in producing models of prehistoric fauna and flora with the introduction of two new series and the creative expansion of a third.  In an attempt to likewise educate and to provide the greatest amount of creative play both the new series will, it is hoped, be well received.”

The polymath added:

“As a child growing up in the 1950s and early 1960s I always found it annoying that no manufacturer ever produced anything for my toy carnivorous dinosaurs to eat.  Herbivorous dinosaurs could be catered for by the bushes and trees produced for modern zoo and farm animals, but meat-eaters were apparently not allowed food.  This situation has continued until now for, as a result of this omission, CollectA is the first company to introduce an innovative new series entitled Dinosaur Prey to complement its carnivorous dinosaurs and to add a new educational element to building a prehistoric diorama or landscape.”

Anthony added:

“Dinosaur Prey will include dead animals from different geological eras and will feature evidence that we can ascertain from the fossil record of wounds that might have been inflicted on them by carnivores during conflicts. Allied to this new series is the introduction of a new standard size CollectA Tyrannosaurus rex that comes complete with its prey, a dead Struthiomimus.”

We at Everything Dinosaur can see Anthony’s point, when we work on exhibitions for museums, the carnivores are very often depicted with their “victim” – very often the carcase of dinosaur that the animal would have been feeding on.

Anthony goes on to state:

“A problem with producing scale models of dinosaurs are the many important but small creatures that were a prominent part of any prehistoric landscape but that have been too small to realistically be commercially produced for sale in retail outlets as individual figures.  It has been my wish for some time to solve this problem and with this in mind in 2012 I have designed and CollectA starts a second innovative new series entitled Dinosaur Families featuring family or clan groups of small dinosaurs in scale with the larger animals in the range.  I have chosen Hypsilophodon, one of my favourite “British” dinosaurs to commence the series and, by request, the newly discovered ceratopsian Koreaceratops.  The figures are presented in family groups on landscaped bases also ornamented with an example of prehistoric flora.”

An Illustration of Koreaceratops

Koreaceratops illustrated.

Picture credit: Julius Csotonyi

To read about the discovery of Koreaceratops: Swimming Ceratopsians – New Species of Horned Dinosaur.

This year CollectA is also pleased to expand its innovative and ground-breaking collection of Prehistoric Flora that it first introduced in 2009.  As with the original two examples, these new additions are intended to add yet another element of educational interest and enjoyment in studying and playing with dinosaurs and to complement the animals in both the standard and deluxe ranges and help in the building of prehistoric dioramas.  As with the earlier examples they are also intended to provide “food” for the herbivores!  The plants are equipped with bases that may be joined to those of the Dinosaur Families to form landscaped scenes.

Anthony outlined CollectA’s plans stating:

“The 2012 standard dinosaur range includes the recently discovered ceratopsian dinosaurs Utahceratops and Kosmoceratops together with the marine reptile Dolichorhynchops and the South American giants Argentinosaurus and Mapusaurus.  In the Deluxe 1:40 range I am pleased to present updated and considerably improved models of Neovenator and Amargasaurus, together with my idea of the enormous but little known Deinocheirus. Joining the current Deluxe 1:15 Tyrannosaurus rex is a new and huge Triceratops that we hope is our most accurate model of the species to date. In the Prehistoric Animals range we introduce a model of the North American Megacerops, also known as Brontotherium, that we hope will find favour.”

Everything Dinosaur’s Illustration of the Marine Reptile Dolichorhynchops

“Doli” to his friends!

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Mike Fredericks

 We are all looking forward to these new model introductions.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s existing model range including the models and figures in the CollectA Prehistoric Life/Age of Dinosaurs range: CollectA Prehistoric Life Models/Age of Dinosaurs.

To view the CollectA scale models: The CollectA Deluxe/Supreme Model Range.

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