Turtles versus Pterosaurs versus Dinosaurs

With just over two hundred articles written on the Everything Dinosaur blog site this year, we thought it would be a good idea to review which ones were proving to be the most popular.  Some of our older articles, after all, our web log has been running for several years are viewed by thousands of people each year, but looking at those articles published in 2011 we can see that three are currently setting the pace when it comes to being the article that is viewed the most this year.

The Everything Dinosaur Blog

Naturally, those articles published earlier on in the year have an advantage over those articles that are written and put up towards the end of the year.  However, the three front runners at the moment are typical of the type of articles we write and one was only published online last month.

The three most popular articles at the moment focus on turtles (Chelonia), flying reptiles (pterosaurs) and on a television programme featuring dinosaurs.

In no particular order:

How Did the Chelonia Survive the Cretaceous Mass Extinction? published on July 15th.  This article describes the research into a particular genus of turtle that survived from the Cretaceous into the Palaeogene.

March of the Dinosaurs a piece we wrote about a ninety-minute documentary about polar dinosaurs in the Northern Hemisphere that was shown on terrestrial television back in April.

The next contender is an article that we put up in January.  This story covered the research into the discovery of a new genus of pterosaur (flying reptile), with vicious looking teeth.  We published this item under the story line of New Pterosaur with “Piranha-like” Teeth  these three articles are typical of the wide variety of items the blog features.  Each of these pieces have received many hundreds of views, so it will be interesting to see which one of our 2011 articles proves to be the most popular at the end of the year.

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