Everything Dinosaur Blog to be Transferred to New Platform

Having written an article, put up a picture, posted information and such like everyday since late May 2007, the Everything Dinosaur blog consists of nearly 1,500 articles and our readership grows from strength to strength (big thank you to all our readers).  However, we are planning changes to the blog, its format and layout which will be taking effect within the next ten weeks.  The platform on which the blog is currently being hosted – Blogware provided by Tucows is being closed on October 3rd this year and we are already planning to migrate the blog to another platform – WordPress.

Everything Dinosaur Blog

When the move happens, readers will notice a new format and one or two other changes but in essence the blog will remain the same with all the articles, pictures and such like transferred over.  According to the notes that we have on the transfer process, it is relatively straight forward, after all, every blog on the Tucows platform will have to migrate.  We will lose the identifiers on the comments made on the blog, they will all become anonymous, our apologies for this but there is nothing we can do it, just one of the drawbacks of the transfer process that we have to contend with.

Anyway, here’s to a different, updated blog in the very near future.

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