A Pleasure to see Prehistoric Animal Models

These days with a number of model retirements from the mainstream manufacturers it is always a pleasure to recall that Safari of the United States, although having cut down on their Prehistoric Life range still market a Gomphotheres, a beautiful model of an ancient, prehistoric elephant known as Amebelodon.


Amebelodon was a Perissodactyl (odd-toed hoofed mammal) and a primitive member of the Gomphotheres, a group of elephant-like animals that originated in Africa but spread worldwide during the early Cenozoic.  These animals are distantly related to the modern African and Asian elephant.  The model from Safari, we think represents and American member of this diverse group (Amebelodon fricki).  This particular family member was named and described by the eminent American palaeontologist and geologist Erwin Hinckly Barbour in 1927, following the discovery of a mandible with tusks and skull material in the U.S. state of Nebraska.

The species name honours Childs Frick, a trustee of the American Museum of Natural History.  Hard to imagine Childs Frick thinking about this animal being represented as a prehistoric animal model.

The Safari Prehistoric Life Amebelodon Model

Safari Prehistoric Life models. Amebelodon.

Amebelodon prehistoric elephant model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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This Amebelodon model is typical of the quality from Safari, it is very well made and accurately painted from the tip of its shovel-like tusks (after which this animal was named) to the black tufts of hair at the end of its tail.  It is always a pleasure to see models of some of the more unusual prehistoric animals remaining in manufacture.  How long the Amebelodon remains around is open to question, let’s hope it is a while before Safari Ltd make this particular prehistoric mammal model extinct after all, it is a fine example of the company’s Wild Safari Dinos models.