Everything Dinosaur Prepared for National Science Week

Next month sees the annual National Science and Engineering Week, the event actually runs from March 11th through to March 20th and its aim is to showcase the best in science and engineering in the UK and to get people involved.  There are a huge number of events and activities taking place again this year, from intimate cafe venues holding discussions on science related topics to enormous science festivals all round the country.

National Science and Engineering Week

The dinosaur experts at Everything Dinosaur are not being left out, they are visiting a number of schools with fossils and other dinosaur related activities to enthuse the next generation of young scientists.

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A Communication Theme

The theme for this event is communication, bringing the general public together to discuss science topics, discover new things and to communicate the role science and engineering has to play in everyone’s lives.

Organised by the British Science Association, this annual event goes from strength to strength and Everything Dinosaur are proud to be involved especially with the elements that involve teaching about dinosaurs in school.

Preparing a Fossil Hunting Activity (Everything Dinosaur)

Everything Dinosaur fossil hunting activity.

Fossil trays laid out at for a fossil hunting activity prepared by Everything Dinosaur team members.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur

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