Horned Dinosaur helps Children Learn about Geography

Today another school visit conducting experiments for a member of the Everything Dinosaur team.  One of the teachers at the school, working closely with the rest of the teaching staff had used software to show pictures of a soft toy Triceratops travelling to various parts of the world.  The topic the children had been working on for a few weeks was based around dinosaurs, but also linked to the wider national curriculum component called “Changes”.  The dinosaur, a ceratopsian (Triceratops horridus) sent the children pictures of his travels, he had been to Paris, the jungle and even to the North Pole.  The Triceratops was called “Thomas”.

Triceratops Model

The children loved hearing about his travels, the places he had visited and where in the world he had gone.  The teaching staff devised a number of exercises to help engage the young pupils, including writing letters and postcards to “Thomas the travelling Triceratops”.

A Triceratops Model

Triceratops model.

A still from Everything Dinosaur’s recent video review showing a Triceratops model.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

It is great to see such creative and well thought out teaching delivery.  This sort of scheme of work lends itself to lots of extension activities and will appeal to different learning styles.  When we were told about the Triceratops centred teaching, we got the children to help us cast a replica of a ceratopsian nose horn and we sent over lots of horned dinosaur drawing materials to help them with their studies.

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