An Important Job after Christmas – Responding to all the Customer Feedback

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Responding to Customer Feedback Forms

A busy day ahead of us, some of the staff members have come in for a couple of extra hours today, to review and respond to all the customer feedback forms that arrived after Christmas.

For every parcel sent out to UK customers we include a FREEPOST feedback form.  With so many orders despatched up to the Christmas break, now is the time of year that we get back all the feedback forms that customers of Everything Dinosaur have kindly sent in.

Customer Feedback

We review all our customer correspondence, every letter, fax, email and such like.  We then divide them up between us and respond in person to any that require a reply.  One of the most important jobs that is undertaken after the Christmas break is to deal with all the feedback forms that come into us in the first few days of January.  We have to sort through them, putting them into piles so that all staff can have a look at them and send out a response if needed.

Everything Dinosaur

It is always a pleasure to hear from customers, we really appreciate the feedback, kind words about the Everything Dinosaur customer service, new product suggestions, dinosaur drawings and so on.

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