New Everything Dinosaur Teaching Programme for 2011

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New Teaching Lesson Plans from Everything Dinosaur

With more and more schools in the UK adopting the creative curriculum, team members at Everything Dinosaur have responded by introducing a new range of teaching sessions and lesson plans to aid reception students through to key stage 4.  Our trained and qualified teachers have prepared a number of innovative and enriching lesson plans based around palaeontology and dinosaurs.  The aim of these sessions is to engage and involve  young people with the fascinating subject of Earth Sciences.

Everything Dinosaur

Working under the concept of “Dinosaur detectives” we use real case studies regarding new fossil discoveries to develop effective and very “hands on” dinosaur themed teaching schemes.

As part of our work in this important area of education, we have developed a number of advertisements to support our teaching activities and dinosaur workshops.

Everything Dinosaur’s Dinosaur Themed Teaching Activities

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So if you want to involve your class in a dinosaur themed topic such as “Jurassic Forest” or Everything Dinosaur’s dinosaur detectives lesson plans simply log onto our website: Everything Dinosaur  to view the extensive range of dinosaur themed toys and gifts we stock.

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In addition, if you require any advice about the products that we stock you are most welcome to drop Everything Dinosaur an email: Contact Everything Dinosaur.