Everything Dinosaur – Working to Ensure Christmas Deliveries Arrive Promptly (Important Update)

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Update on Christmas Mail

The continuing bad weather over much of the UK and Europe is still affecting parcel deliveries.  The extra staff at Everything Dinosaur and the longer shifts have helped keep us on top of the packing and despatching of Christmas parcels.  We continue to work hard to ensure that parcels, letters and packets are given every chance of reaching their destination in time for the big day.

Everything Dinosaur

However, please note, that the adverse weather conditions are having an impact on Royal Mail and other national mail networks.  Some delays into areas such as the northeast of England and Scotland are inevitable.

Royal Mail have put up further information on their website, but as a summary this is what they are currently saying:

Royal Mail teams are working hard across the country to operate services impacted by recent weather conditions.  In Scotland, it’s taking longer to deal with the mail affected by recent and current weather conditions, as well as the additional seasonal mail coming into and out of the country. We’re deploying additional measures where we can, in the continuing difficult conditions to collect, sort, transport and deliver the large volume of seasonal mail now progressing through our network.  We’re doing all we can in Scotland to get mail to customers as quickly as possible.”

The last recommended posting dates for First Class mail in time for Christmas is Tuesday 21st December (UK customers).  All orders placed on Saturday afternoon and yesterday are packed, checked and  being despatched this morning (Monday).  They will all be sent out with the very first collection of the day.

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