The Extinction of Macrauchenia and Glyptodon

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Schleich Announce Retirement of Glyptodon and Macrauchenia Models

Schleich, the German based manufacturers of models and figures have announced the retirement of two more prehistoric animal figures from their prehistoric animal models range.  The Glyptodon and the Macrauchenia figures are being retired and once existing retail stocks have been sold, no more of these particular models will be available.

The Glyptodon Figure from Schleich

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Glyptodon was related to modern armadillos and sloths, these creatures survived in South America, Central America and the southern parts of North America until around 10,000 years ago.

The news of the loss of these two models follows on from the retirement of two other models from this range, that of the Giant Ground Sloth and the Cave Bear.  Schleich will only make the Sabre-toothed cat and Mammoth models in this range next year.

The Macrauchenia Model from Schleich

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

This South American mammal was a member of the Litoptern group of mammals, a bizarre group of hoofed creatures which have no surviving members today,  the distended  nose was a form of “trunk” that permitted this animal to browse on the bushes and trees of the South American pampas.  Over two metres high at the shoulder, these large animals roamed the extensive grasslands in vast herds and may have been the most important prey animal for the South American Smilodons.

Schleich are not going to introduce any new models into their Schleich dinosaurs or prehistoric animal model ranges in 2011.

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