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Young dinosaur fans show their appreciation of and fascination for the huge theropod dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex. Fans of an iconic dinosaur get to handle fossil bones.

Yesterday, we were corresponding with the American Museum of Natural History with regards to their work on the published paper summarising the developments over the last decade in tyrannosaur research.  This paper, which is featured in the scientific journal “Science” details research carried out by some of the world’s most respected and important natural history museums.

Today, we received a letter and picture from a keen dinosaur fan who we met at one of our fossil casting sessions in the Summer who, unsurprisingly, is a big fan of Tyrannosaurus rex.

Tyrannosaurus rex

Mum Clare, sent us the picture of her young palaeontologists Jamie and Harry with one of our team members and a substantial piece of a Tyrannosaurus rex.  We received a lovely letter from Jamie, he wrote to us and enquired about Gigantoraptor (G. erlianensis), he even included a super drawing of a T. rex.  We emailed a fact sheet on Gigantoraptor, as written by our dinosaur experts, over to Jamie, plus some pictures of this very weird dinosaur, all in a days work for our team members.  Who knows, perhaps Jamie and Harry will be discovering and describing their own dinosaurs one day or even contributing to the research on Tyrannosaurus rex.

Young Dinosaur Fans Appreciate T. rex

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Mum (Clare)

Our thanks to Mum, Jamie and Harry, it is always a pleasure to meet such clever and enthusiastic dinosaur fans.

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