Spring is Coming – Honest!

Today Sunday, a nice and relaxing day in the office for Everything Dinosaur team members..  Unfortunately, we did not reckon on the 6 cm of snow that fell overnight.  Time to clear the yard of snow (once again), this has been the busiest winter we have had in terms of snow clearing duties.  Surely, it can’t go on much longer?  The trouble with the British weather is that is can be very predictable, we have had snow in June before now and last year snow in April (see picture below).

Everything Dinosaur

We have learnt that the best thing to do with snow around the warehouse is to clear it quickly before any vehicles compact the snow and make its removal more difficult.  Fortunately, we invested in some plastic snow shovels, spades and stiff brushes and these have proved invaluable.  Within 90 minutes the warehouse yard and the road leading it to was clear and we had put down some grit to help thaw out any ice or compacted snow that still remained.

England in Springtime

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The picture above was taken on the 6th April last year, we may have snowy, chilly weather for some weeks to come.  Surprisingly, one of our colleagues stated that the northwest of England has has more snow recently than the site of the Winter Olympics in Canada.

Still, we must not complain, the United Kingdom may have some unpredictable weather, but at least we don’t suffer the extreme weather conditions that some parts of the world have to face.

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