Sir David Attenborough and the Amazing Life Stories

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David Attenborough Life Stories

A little present was waiting for us at the Everything Dinosaur offices this morning.  The complete set of David Attenborough’s radio 4 series “Life Stories”.  We had been able to listen to a number of these short, ten-minute monologues written and presented by Sir David Attenborough when they were first featured on radio 4 and subsequently repeated on radio 7.  Now we have all twenty on a set of CDs (running time over 3 hours).

David Attenborough Life Stories

Sir David Attenborough recounts some of the amazing things that he has witnessed in his fifty years of broadcasting.  He examines twenty natural wonders that he has encountered on his many years of travelling and documenting the incredible creatures and plants on our planet.  He covers a huge range of topics from the Coelacanth and trilobites from North Africa, to birds nest soup and the use of eyebrows in human communication.

A Scale Drawing of the “Living Fossil” – Coelacanth

Scale drawing of a Coelacanth.

Scale drawing of a Coelacanth, one of the subjects covered in Sir David Attenborough’s Life Stories. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view a model of a Coelacanth (whilst stocks last): Safari Ltd. Wild Safari Prehistoric World Models.

A Wonderful Radio Programme

This is a fascinating listen and Sir David’s enthusiasm and knowledge really comes through in what was an excellently produced radio series.