Everything Dinosaur – Still Packing and Despatching Christmas Parcels

Another early start for team members at Everything Dinosaur this morning, with staff braving the cold and frosty conditions to get into the office for 7am to complete the packing and despatching of Christmas orders.

For UK based customers today, (21st December), is the latest recommended posting date for Royal Mail first class deliveries, our team members have made sure that they have kept on top of packing and despatching parcels.  We try to turn around parcels as quickly as possible, in this way we are doing all we can to ensure customers don’t miss out on Christmas gifts.

Everything Dinosaur

However, even though the last recommended posting date is today for First Class services, we will still be working up until 12.30pm on Christmas Eve, packing and despatching items for customers who may not be seeing relatives until the New Year.  As for our courier service we will keep going, doing all we can to ensure a rapid turnaround.  A word of caution, a caveat if you will.  We have been notified by our courier service providers that due to the adverse weather in parts of the south and east of the country, some parcels are being delayed by between 24 and 48 hours.   A parcel sent out on Thursday afternoon and scheduled to arrive on Monday, may not actually arrive until Tuesday.

Good job we turn things round efficiently at this end, thus giving the courier and postal services as much help as we possibly can.

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