Suspending Pterosaurs – Flying Reptiles take to the Sky

Team members at Everything Dinosaur, are often asked how to theme up a child’s bedroom or classroom with dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.  In response to the requests that we receive we send out drawing materials, puzzles, quizzes and fact sheets to help achieve the desired affect.  However, the addition of two very good value flying reptile models, just recently out of our testing programme good help in the production of your child’s or classrooms very own “Jurassic Park”.

Suspending Pterosaurs

New arrivals having just from into our on line shop are two flying reptile models.  Nice and big, robust colourful models of pterosaurs (flying reptiles).  These two characters have proved particularly popular with our young testers and their Mums and Dads, for as well as making great prehistoric animal models, an elasticated cord attached to their backs allows them to suspended from ceilings and such like to give a flying effect.

Flying Reptile Models from Everything Dinosaur

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Suitable for children aged three years and upwards, these large pterosaur models (wingspans over 35 cm) are bright and colourful and have proved to be a big hit with young dinosaur fans. Whilst we may take the appearance of these particular models with a pinch of salt (a toothed Pteranodon indeed), we accept that for dinosaur fans wanting to create a flying pterosaur effect in their bedroom, these models are just perfect.

They have been taped to ceilings or secured with a drawing pin, some testers added a loop of fishing line or wool to the elasticated hang tag so they could be suspended at different heights.  They do seem to have delighted the young palaeontologists who saw them used in this way.  We may not be able to comment specifically about the anatomical accuracy of our red crested and black crested pterosaurs, but this did not prevent the testers liking them, far from it.

Flying Reptiles

To view these flying reptiles and the huge range of dinosaur and prehistoric animal models available from Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website: Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models.

These models have been put in our model section, but also in the “dinosaurs bedding and home” part of our website, as they are a cheap and simple way to help theme up a dinosaur fan’s bedroom.

The Red Crested and Black Crested Pterosaurs

Red and black crested pterosaurs. Two superb flying reptile figures.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Available individually or as a set, these two flying reptiles are a fun and cheap way to help theme a classroom or bedroom, you can have your very own Jurassic Park bedroom.  As for the colourful crests, scientists are fairly confident that pterosaurs had colour vision. They certainly had good eyesight and the crests on animals such as Tapejara, although of limited use as a stabiliser in flight may have been used to signal and communicate between individuals.

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