Meeting an Old Friend at the Dentist

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Getting acquainted with Guanlong whilst at the Dentist

An early morning start for one of the Everything Dinosaur team members today, with a visit to the dentist for their six monthly check up.  Whilst waiting nervously for the dental assistant to call them in, they looked around for some reading material to take their mind off the coming ordeal.

Everything Dinosaur

We have no qualms about using various tools from dentistry in our excavation work, dental picks are particularly handy when revolving elements of the matrix from around a fossil specimen, as team members at Everything Dinosaur will testify.  However, when it is our own teeth and gums that are under examination, this is a very different matter.

National Geographic

Fortunately, amongst the clutter of celebrity magazines and other light reading materials, an old National Geographic magazine was discovered and it contained one of the first articles written on the amazing dinosaur finds in the Dzungaria area of northern China.  The article described the amazing predator trap that contained the remains of an adult and an immature Guanlong (a primitive crested tyrannosaur) and two unknown ceratosaurs.  The animals had been trapped over time in an ash pit, perhaps formed when a huge sauropod roamed over soft ground recently covered in ash from a volcanic eruption.

National Geographic went onto to make a feature/documentary about this particular discovery by a joint team of American and Chinese scientists led by Xu (pronounced “shoe”) Xing.  The documentary was called “dino death trap”, reading the article helped to relieve the tension and anxiety as the patient awaited their turn.  It was nice to meet up with an old friend at the dentist.


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