New Pachycephalosaurus Model from Bullyland

It is always a pleasure to see a new model from the likes of Schleich, Safari and Bullyland.  We have to wait a couple of years for a model to be available having gone through all the sculpting and design processes before finally making it to the production stage.  Team members at Everything Dinosaur were aware of the introduction of the new Pachycephalosaurus model from Bullyland of Germany for some time, but it is always an exciting moment when we finally get our hands on the new model.

Pachycephalosaurus Model from Bullyland of Germany

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The 1:30 scale Museum Line Pachycephalosaurus  model shows this particular dinosaur in fine detail.  Measuring just under 22 cm long this particular dinosaur is painted a sandy colour, perhaps reflecting the arid, upland landscapes Pachycephalosaurus was believed to have inhabited.  The blueish mottled effect is a nice touch and the five-fingered hands are quite in proportion.

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Part of the “Museum Line” range with models approved by palaeontologists at the Museum fur Naturkunde Stuttgart/Museum am Lowenter (scientists at the Natural History Museum based in Stuttgart – Germany), this model makes a super addition for any collector.

Only a few models of this enigmatic dinosaur have ever been made.   We still know very little about the “Bone Headed” dinosaurs, although a number of genera related to the pachycephalosaurid family are known only a few skeletons have ever been found.  If it was not for the robust nature of their immense skulls, this particular bizarre group of Late Cretaceous dinosaurs would be almost unknown in the fossil record.

Safari of the United States, introduced a model of Pachycephalosaurus into their Carnegie Collectibles range in January 1990.  It was officially retired last year, which is a shame as this model depicted the dinosaur charging with its head lowered.  The enormous dome on the top of the skull was made of solid bone, up to 25 cm thick.  Why these ornithischian dinosaurs developed such thick and heavily ornamented skulls remains a mystery.

The Charging Pachycephalosaurus – Safari Model

A Charging Pachycephalosaurus. This replica was part of the famous Carnegie Collectibles model range.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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