Review of Prehistoric Times – Issue 90

Halfway through August and we have not got round to reviewing the latest edition of Prehistoric Times (issue 90).  Our excuse is simple, we have been too busy reading it to write a review.  I have tried to get on with this task but every time I set aside some time to put an article on the blog, I discover that someone else has whipped it away again.

Prehistoric Times Magazine

Not surprising really, once again the 90th edition is packed full of news about the latest goings on in palaeontology and model collecting, special features on Cryolophosaurus and Leedsichthys (note to editor we noticed a spelling mistake on the headline title), we really enjoyed the article on the Natural History Museum of Vienna, a place we have had the opportunity to visit whilst working in Austria.  Great to read the article on an ageing Cryolophosaurus and the update on the Darwininus masillae, plus the views and opinions on humans relationship with their Neanderthal cousins.  There is even a picture of our famous “dino van” on page 5.  A photo of one of our company vehicles published in this prestigious magazine – we are approaching celebrity status!

Front Cover of Prehistoric Times (Summer 2009)

Prehistoric Times Magazine.

Picture credit: Mike Fredericks

To read more about this magazine and to subscribe: Prehistoric Times.

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