Everything Dinosaur Summer Activities – Casting your own Fossil

Today, marks the start of our Summer activities programme, at this time of year we get bombarded with requests to support local authority summer play schemes and other organised play activities with our fossil casting programme.  We do try to support as many as we can but these day with all our other events, and projects it is quite difficult to do.

However, our road show kicks off today with an afternoon of dinosaur themed activities at a leisure centre.  We are going to bring over some of our museum replicas and real fossils to do a sort of show and tell element.

Fossil Casting

After this, we have a dinosaur dig to organise (using real fossils we have collected on our many fossil hunting trips), before we get down to making some plaster casts of fossils for the young dinosaur fans to take home.

An Indoor Fossil Hunt

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur

To round off the afternoon’s activities we are going to be playing a version of our dinosaur run-around game, with lucky contestants able to take home their own set of prehistoric animal top trumps we have created especially for this year’s road trips.

These are events that take some organising but they are lots of fun, although when they have finished and we have packed everything into the “dino van” to take back to the warehouse we are shattered.

Still it’s all in a days work.

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