Lyme Regis Reflections – Rockwatch the Greatest Club on Earth!

After a pleasant couple of days digging for fossils at Church Cliffs between Lyme Regis and Charmouth on the Dorset coast and participating in the Fossil Festival we get the chance to reflect on our bus-man’s holiday.

One of the great pleasures of the Lyme Regis Fossil Festival is that we get the chance to meet up with all kinds of people involved with geology, palaeontology and general science.  The festival has become a magnet for science enthusiasts from all sorts of organisations representing a myriad of scientific disciplines.

Lyme Regis

For example, whilst enjoying an evening walk back from the famous harbour with its Cobb, as featured in the film of the John Fowles novel “The French Lieutenant’s Woman”; we bumped into Sue Brown, the Chairperson of Rockwatch.

Rockwatch, is a nationwide club for junior geologists, or indeed young persons with an interest in Earth sciences.  Part of the Geologists Association, Rockwatch is a club for anyone fascinated with rocks, fossils, landscapes and minerals, giving young people the chance learn more about geology and to be a part of the world renowned Geologist Association, one of the oldest scientific institutes dedicated to geology in the world.

Based in London, Rockwatch sends out a special magazine three times a year to members, it features loads of information, stories, quizzes, puzzles… lots and lots of super stuff is crammed into each edition.  It takes really complicated science and makes it easy to understand.  For instance, if you ever want to know about Earthquakes or meteorites there is an article somewhere in the Rockwatch magazine archives which you can refer to.

Best of all, members of Rockwatch get exclusive invitations to special Rockwatch Club events taking place round the country.  If you have ever wanted to meet a real geologist or to go out fossil hunting with a professional, then Rockwatch is the club for you.

If you want to be a “Rock Star” (pardon the pun), then we would heartily recommend Rockwatch, their magazine even features the latest news on dinosaur discoveries.

For fans of prehistoric animals, Everything Dinosaur offers a wide range of models of dinosaurs as well as replicas of typical animals such as ichthyosaurs and ammonites that once swam in the shallow tropical sea that is now southern England.

To view the extensive range of prehistoric animal models and figures including the CollectA Prehistoric Life ammonite and belemnite models, visit the CollectA section of Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website: CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Models and Figures.

Examples of Prehistoric Animal Models that Reflect Lyme Regis Fossils

CollectA ammonite and belemnite.

The CollectA ammonite and belemnite models next to examples of fossils found at Lyme Regis.

To learn more about the Geologists Association: The Geologists Association.

Sue and her enthusiastic team had been making Jurassic landscapes, as part of the Fossil Festival, reflecting on the age of the rock strata all around them, we think that this was a very appropriate activity to set in Lyme Regis.  I am sure Mary Anning herself, would have approved.

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