New 1:40 Scale Model of Tyrannosaurus rex (Procon/CollectA Series)

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New 1:40 Scale Model of T. rex (Procon/CollectA Series)

Everything Dinosaur team members review the CollectA 1:40 T. rex dinosaur model.

A lot has happened to the Procon range since team members at Everything Dinosaur were asked to advise on the prototype models for series one and two of their prehistoric animal model range.  From the initial six models that were introduced under the Procon banner, a whole prehistoric family of models representing a variety of Dinosauria have now been introduced.

CollectA 1:40 T. rex Dinosaur Model

It had always been planned to introduce a larger range of models, ones which would actually be to scale similar to the Schleich Saurus range for example. We had seen prototypes approximately 3 years ago and discussed some suggested changes particularly to the Pteranodon (pterosaur, flying reptile) model the designers were working on. The Tyrannosaurus rex model is particularly impressive and now that the project has been completed and we have seen this new interpretation of this most famous of all dinosaurs leave the factory we can be justifiably proud of our contribution to the design process.

The New Tyrannosaurus rex Model

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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If a model range based on the Order Dinosauria is going to be launched then it really has to include a T. rex. However, this latest model, now marketed under the brand CollectA depicts this tyrannosaur in a very different posture. The animal is almost bowing down and the model shows T. rex with its massive head lowered towards the ground and its strong tail sticking up behind it balance this pose. The detail is excellent and a lot of care and consideration has gone into creating an appropriate skin texture and this huge predator is coloured dark green with flashes of pale yellow showing on its underside.  The sturdy, robust jaws are wide open and the individual teeth well painted.  The attention to detail is remarkable considering the low price of the model.

Tyrannosaurus rex

Tyrannosaurus rex is depicted with vertical pupils.  These are similar to the pupils seen in modern crocodilians which can close down to a small vertical slit, an adaptation of a nocturnal hunter to be able to cope with the higher levels of light entering the eye during the day.  Vertical pupils such as these are found in a number of animals including constrictors, vipers and geckos.  These animals are all associated with living in low light levels such as rain forests or having a primarily nocturnal existence. Studies of the endocasts of tyrannosaurs indicate that they had excellent vision, although whether they had a vertical pupil is speculation.  After all, a six tonne biped would want to know where it was placing its feet for fear of tripping over. However, it is likely that tyrannosaurs took advantage of low light conditions such as dawn and twilight to hunt.  Modern apex predators such as lions and wolves do this.

Close up of the 1:40 Scale  Collecta Tyrannosaurus rex

Up close to Tyrannosaurus rex.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The CollectA scale model of Tyrannosaurus rex is a welcome addition to the plethora of T. rex models available.  The fine detail and accurate anatomical interpretation of this fearsome beast will make this model a “must have” for most serious collectors.