Nature on your Doorstep – Chrysalis by our Front Door

For some months now, I have been keeping a watchful eye over a chrysalis that we noticed had attached itself to the paintwork of the frame of our front door.  The chrysalis was spotted in January and ever since we have been careful not to disturb it as we went to and fro.  A chrysalis is the pupa of a butterfly or moth, not being very knowledgeable as to what this creature might actually be we kept up our vigil to see what would emerge.

Nature on your Doorstep

This morning, we got our answer, a butterfly had emerged one of the Cabbage White variety, probably the common Small White (pieris rapae), although we cannot be certain.

The Butterfly on our Doorstep

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The picture shows a rather fuzzy close up of our butterfly, the pupa case can be seen in the background.  Unfortunately, our little friend has timed his/her emergence badly.  Bad weather, (cold and wet) has been forecast for 72 hours.  Hopefully, our butterfly will be able to hang on for a few days before it can take flight, find a mate, end up being responsible for caterpillars in our vegetable patch etc.

Who needs to go into the countryside to view nature, when nature comes to your own front door.

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