Dinosaur Party Rings – A Great Party Favour Idea

When a keen, young dinosaur fan asks for a dinosaur themed party, it can be a bit of a headache for the parents and guardians who have to organise them.  However, help is at hand from the parents, teachers, and dinosaur experts at Everything Dinosaur.

Dropping an email to the team (found by visiting the website), and Everything Dinosaur staff can supply by return prehistoric animal fact sheets and drawing materials free of charge for those all important party bags.  These materials are as big a hit with the mums and dads as they are for the party goers.  After all, there are not many party hosts that can provide drawing materials and fact sheets for their guests that are actually written by people who dig up dinosaurs.

By visiting the Everything Dinosaur party cakes and recipes section, recipes for dinosaur themed cakes and biscuits can  be downloaded.  For example, on this particular part of the website, a template for producing a dinosaur shaped birthday cake can be found.  Everything you need is on-line waiting to be downloaded, from the template to the instructions/recipe and of course a list of ingredients.  Best of all this is FREE!

Cakes and biscuits are easy to make, all the recipes have been tried out by members of the team, there are even pictures posted up to show you how the cakes and biscuits look.

For dinosaur shaped birthday candles, dinosaur plates, cups, table cloths and other party items, simply visit the Everything Dinosaur party pages and make your selections.

As for those all important party gift bags, the company has a selection of party gifts (favours and favors) to choose from including some novel dinosaur rings which make ideal inexpensive party gifts.

The rings feature five different prehistoric animals – Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops, plus a Pteranodon (pterosaur, flying reptile).  Prehistoric mammals are also represented, there is a Sabre-toothed cat (Smilodon) and a Woolly Mammoth ring.  These unusual and thoughtful gifts are bound to delight the party guests.

The set of Five Prehistoric Animal Party Rings

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the extensive range of dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed toys and gifts available, visit the award-winning website of Everything Dinosaur: Visit Everything Dinosaur.

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