Popular Primeval off to Hollywood

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Primeval Creators in Talks to turn TV Series into a Film

Impossible Pictures the company behind the hit television series Primeval are in talks with US film studio Warner Bros to turn the time travelling adventure into a Hollywood blockbuster.

According to industry insiders, work on the film will begin later this year, after Primeval has finished a run of its third series, now currently being shown on ITV1 on Saturday nights.  The show features a cast of characters led by evolutionary zoologist Nick Cutter (played by Douglas Henshall) who explore rifts in time that allow animals from the past and the future to roam in the modern world.  Primeval was originally pitched as an ITV rival to the new Doctor Who series, it has done well in the television ratings, regularly achieving viewing figures in excess of 7 million.

The film version will be a joint venture between the TV production company Impossible Pictures and Warner Bros.  It is not known whether the TV series cast will take their roles to the big screen or whether American actors will take the main roles.  The use of American actors and actresses is indeed a possibility as there are ongoing talks about creating a US TV series with a number of stateside networks.

We will have to wait and see, but it looks like the team behind the BAFTA and EMMY award winning Walking with Dinosaurs have plans to develop a substantial Primeval franchise.  Wish we could jump through one of their anomalies to see how things turn out.