Review of Prehistoric Times Spring Edition (Spring 2009)

Spring is in the air, we don’t have to worry about frosts in the morning any more and we have the chance when we get a moment to read our spring edition of Prehistoric Times, the excellent magazine for dinosaur fans and model collectors.

In this edition, prehistoric lions are featured with lots and lots of Panthera inspired artwork as well as fascinating facts and analysis of fossil finds.  Great to see part of the magazine dedicated to that star of the short-frilled ceratopsids – Styracosaurus.  We agree with Mike Fredericks (editor), Styracosaurus is probably one of our favourite dinosaurs too.

Front Cover of Prehistoric Times (Spring Edition)

Picture credit: Mike Fredericks

Intriguing to read Mark Berry’s article regarding “Primeval” the science fiction TV series now into a third series on ITV1.  There are rumours that negotiations have started in the USA for the production of an American TV spin off and there has been talk of a film based on the TV series.  One minor point, in the magazine, Primeval is referred to as a BBC TV programme but we don’t think this is the case as it is a production from Impossible Pictures and we don’t think the BBC are involved.  However, one small quibble in what is another excellent edition of Prehistoric Times.

Wonderful to read an article on Zdenek Burian, a very well known artist of landscapes and prehistoric animals, whose work was featured in many dinosaur books some of which we can remember reading in our youth (millions of years ago).

To visit the website of Prehistoric Times: Prehistoric Times Magazine.

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