Wuerhosaurus Illustrated

One of the more unusual of all the Dinosauria, our drawing of Wuerhosaurus, a Chinese stegosaur.  Everything Dinosaur commissions drawings of prehistoric animals including members of the Stegosauria clade and other ornithischian dinosaurs.  These drawings are used to help our education programmes and feature in the Everything Dinosaur prehistoric animal fact sheets that are sent out with orders of dinosaur and prehistoric animal models and toys purchased from the company’s award-winning website.

Odd stegosaur from China, an illustration of the Chinese stegosaur Wuerhosaurus (W. homheni).

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Wuerhosaurus (W. homheni and W. ordosensis)

Fossils found in the early 1970s (Lianmugin Formation of the Junggar Basin in the Xinjiang region of western China), led to the erection of the genus Wuerhosaurus and the species W. homheni in 1973. This armoured dinosaur was formally named and described by the famous Chinese palaeontologist Dong Zhiming in 1973. Fragmentary fossils of a second, slightly smaller Wuerhosaurus species led to the erection of W. ordosensis in 1993. This second species was also named and described by Dong Zhiming.

The PNSO Wuerhosaurus dinosaur model.
PNSO Wuerhosaurus model. A replica of the strange stegosaur from the Early Cretaceous of China.

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