A Close up of the Bullyland Allosaurus

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Bullyland Allosaurus – A Close up of the Head

The Bullyland scale model of Allosaurus has been praised by many palaeontologists and model collectors as it shows prominent (and colourful) crests above the eyes.

Bullyland Allosaurus Model

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Bullyland Allosaurus Dinosaur Model

The Bullyland Allosaurus dinosaur model is, we suspect, based on the allosaurid species Allosaurus fragilis which is known from the Morrison Formation of the western United States. Named and described in 1877 (Marsh), this Late Jurassic theropod is one of the most intensively studied of all the Dinosauria. The genus is known from dozens of specimens including articulated and near complete skeletons. Several species of Allosaurus have been named and described, including species from Europe (Portugal – A. europaeus), and an Allosaurus from Australia, although the validity of the Australian species has been doubted and the scientific name A. astragalus remains controversial and retains nomen dubium status.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“The Bullyland Allosaurus replica is one of our favourite models of an Allosaurus made to date. It is a great addition to the Bullyland dinosaur and prehistoric animal model range.”

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