Mini-Pop Up Dinosaurs Review

At Everything Dinosaur, we are keen to help young readers learn more about dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.  With a teaching background, our team members recognise the importance of early reading books and we have just added a set of four pop-up books designed with very young readers in mind.

Mini Pop-up Dinosaur Books

Each of the four books focuses on one specific dinosaur – Tyrannosaurus rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Brontosaurus.  Whilst we admire the robust hard covers and the size of the book ideal for small hands, it is clear they were not written by a palaeontologist.  The name Brontosaurus is no longer used, it has been replaced by Apatosaurus.

There is an article on our blog explaining why Brontosaurus got its name changed:-

Click here to read “Why Brontosaurus is no more”.

However, putting aside that one faux pas, these pop-ups are an excellent first dinosaur book.  The illustrations are very colourful, the series even includes a pink Stegosaurus (quite accurate as we do think some dinosaurs could turn themselves pink!); and a blue Triceratops.

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In each book there are a serious of simple questions about the dinosaur concerned, the print is large and easy to read.  A flap in an illustration on the page is lifted and the answer revealed, there is a little more detail on the back of the flap to help Mums and Dads explain the answer.

A Mini Pop-up Dinosaur Book Featuring Triceratops

Mini pop-up dinosaur book

Learning about dinosaurs with a mini pop-up dinosaur book.

In addition, each book contains a card, self-assembly model of the animal featured in the book.  When we this series with a group of 3-4 year olds they took to them very well.  The mums had to help assembly the model but the children were able to read along and lift the flaps in the illustrations.

Team members at Everything Dinosaur get asked to review a number of dinosaur books for children, we are happy to oblige.

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