Dinosaur Secret Diary from Everything Dinosaur

When scientists are compiling their research, much of this work is done with little publicity for fear of publishing before theories and ideas have been thoroughly tested.  Reputations can be made or lost on inappropriate conclusions and the last thing any researcher would want is to have their thesis taken apart during peer review.

Although, science is ultimately a quest for truth, keeping information to yourself until you are ready to announce it to the world is a common practice in many fields of scientific enquiry.

Everything Dinosaur

With this in mind, the team members at Everything Dinosaur have introduced a dinosaur themed secret diary to help keep all your thoughts, ideas and secrets safe.  With a “Dinosaur for Girls” range that already includes pink T-shirts, letter writing sets with dinosaur themes and of course pink Utahraptors, the diary makes a fun edition.  The pages of this particular diary are lined and there is room for you to put the date on each page at the top, so you can start your diary at any time of the year and with its handy, school backpack size, it can be taken anywhere.

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The lock on the side of the diary protects the entries from snoopers and this diary comes with a pair of keys.  You can keep one on your person but have a spare in safe place in the house, just in case you mislay the first one.

The Secret Dinosaur Diary

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A lockable, secret dinosaur diary, that features Triceratops on the cover.  Just date each page and you can create your own personal dinosaur diary.  Diary comes with two keys and diary padlock.  A great idea to help encourage young dinosaur fans with their writing.