Super Megalodon Soft Toy Makes its Mark

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Megalodon Giant Shark soft Toy available from Everything Dinosaur

As part of the new “Sea Monsters” range from Everything Dinosaur, we are delighted to introduce Megalodon, a giant, cuddly shark soft toy.  Megalodon is the largest, fiercest most amazing predatory shark known from the fossil record.  Its mouth was so big that it could swallow a modern Great White shark (Carcharodon carcharias) whole.

The new Megalodon Soft Toy from Everything Dinosaur

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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Megalodon is certainly very popular with young children.  This large prehistoric fish (length estimated to be 15-16 metres), has appeared in a number of television documentaries and many museums display the huge triangular teeth, some of which are bigger than a man’s hand.

Fossils of Megalodon (mostly teeth), have been found all over the world, in Europe, the Americas, southern Asia and Australia.  It seems to have had a very wide range, living in most of the warm ocean areas of the Miocene and Pliocene epochs.

The Megalodon soft toy from Everything Dinosaur doesn’t bite but it does have a specially shaped tail to help youngsters carry it.  We call this our special “shark grip tail”, a feature loved by the young children that we tested this shark soft toy with.  The Megalodon soft toy measures 48 cm in length, so it is approximately at 1cm = 1 foot scale to the real animal.

It is covered in soft, blue and white, sponge washable material, (a colouration approved by our experts who think that Megalodon may have actually been coloured like this).  Megalodon is believed to have been an ambush killer, adopting a hunting strategy similar to the Great Whites of today.  A white underbelly and dark blue top would make excellent camouflage for a surface water hunter.

The real give away are the 5 clearly marked gill slits on each side of the Megalodon soft toy.  Modern shark species like Megalodon have 5 gill slits.  See for yourself, find other pictures of Megalodon in books or watch TV documentaries about it and you will be able to count them yourself.

A beautifully made Megalodon soft toy, suitable for children from 3 years plus.  A bit of a novelty we know, making a soft toy to represent a fearsome creature such as a Megalodon but there is a lack of Megalodon soft toys (we think this is the first in the world), and young palaeontologists seem to be fascinated by the big fierce predators, so we went out and got a giant soft toy shark sorted for them.

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