Running Around the Important Trade Shows

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Trade shows, Exhibitions our Diaries are Full

No sooner have we begun to recover from Christmas then we seem to be pitched back into feverish commercial activity once more looking for more dinosaur toys and prehistoric animal models.  As a company we are always looking to add more products to our range and it seems from the moment we start back after the Christmas break we are back into the swing of sourcing new products and checking on the feedback from various products we have had on trial.

We value the input from our customers and we get lots of feedback and product suggestions, these are taken up and we then split the work load with each member of staff taking responsibility for product trials and acquisitions.

Dinosaur Toys

It is really hard work but worth it if we can uncover new dinosaur or prehistoric animal themed toys, games or merchandise.  Unfortunately, the volatile oil price has had an impact on our production plans.  A little reported effect of the high oil price in the Summer of 2008, is that there is a shortage of dinosaur inflatables.  Oil is used in the production of a number of plastics and as a result inflatable dinosaur products are a casualty as manufacturers reign in their product lines.

Good job we were able to get hold of a batch of inflatable Tyrannosaurus rex, otherwise there would have been a lot of disappointed children this Summer at the beach.  Despite having very full diaries, we were able to secure the supply of a limited range of dinosaur inflatables, let us hope that we can find more as we visit trade fairs, do field testing and such like.

Inflatable Tyrannosaurus from Everything Dinosaur

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

This particular Tyrannosaurus rex inflatable stands a little over 84 cms high, in reality that is about the size of a real Tyrannosaurus toe bone (metatarsal), but he looks the business and is already proving to be popular.

To view the dinosaur themed gifts and prehistoric animal toys: Visit Everything Dinosaur.

Prehistoric Animal Models

No doubt we will be adding many more products to our range over the next few weeks, including numerous new for 2009 prehistoric animal models.  We are certainly compiling lots of items for testing and reviewing samples and so on.  Our regular Friday afternoon meetings, such as the one we have booked today are going to get longer and longer.

Still, it seems to be all in a days work and we will continue to use our contacts and resources to try to find new and exciting dinosaur themed games, toys and other items.  For example, today some of us are going to a furniture and furnishings trade fair to see what we can discover.