New Lesson Plans for Dinosaur Worksh0ps

The teaching team at Everything Dinosaur have been updating and adding more experiments and activities to their dinosaur workshops for schools programme. With increasing interest from teachers’s of particular age groups in schools, staff are having to adjust their dinosaur teaching in schools to accommodate the particular learning needs of these other groups.  These actions are all part of our on-going commitment to continuous improvement and also a desire to reflect the latest scientific discoveries when it comes to working with school children.

Dinosaur Workshops

We try, where possible, to build in aspects of real palaeontology into our teaching work, as we think there is no better way to get across scientific principles such as observation, enquiry and challenging assumptions.  We expect that when the national curriculum is reviewed, there will be even greater emphasis placed on mathematics, literacy and science, our teaching team intend to reflect these new initiatives in their support of the work of teachers and teaching support staff.

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It is also important that we keep learning fun, we are working on a number of physical activities that can be incorporated into our teaching work.  These activities will be aimed at reinforcing learning as well as allowing the session to appeal to different learning styles.

One example is a dinosaur themed letter writing exercise, such as a simple thank you letter from children after a visit from Everything Dinosaur.

A Typical Thank You Letter from a Pupil after a Visit from Everything Dinosaur

Key Stage 1 study dinosaurs in a dinosaur workshop.

Katie writes a thank you letter.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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