Helping Young School Children to Learn about Prehistoric Food Chains

All finished, Everything Dinosaur has completed a project where they have put together a series of prehistoric scenes depicting a typical environment and the typical flora (plants) to be found in the Triassic, the Jurassic and the Cretaceous geological periods.  The project has taken some time to complete as we wanted to get this concept right so that we could deploy these prehistoric animal themed teaching guides when discussing food chains and food webs with Key Stage one and Key Stage two children.

Jurassic Scene (Just add Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals)

Just add dinosaurs!

Just add dinosaurs!  Everything Dinosaur team members have created a realistic, authentic prehistoric landscape ready to be populated with dinosaurs.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Workshops

When Everything Dinosaur team members visit schools to teach about dinosaurs and fossils, we always dove-tail our teaching into key aspects of the national curriculum with a special focus on science, literacy and maths.  By producing these prehistoric backgrounds we can discuss food chains and food webs helping young children to understand environments of the past.  The teaching team can then utilise this knowledge and reinforce the learning by discussing food chains and food webs seen today.  With so many children loving dinosaurs, then using dinosaurs to help teach about food webs is a really good idea and we are sure our new scenes will help the children learn more about fundamental aspects of science encompassed within the UK’s national curriculum.

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