Preparing Everything Dinosaur’s Predictions for the Year Ahead

Time to gather together all the suggestions made by Everything Dinosaur staff as to what they think will happen in the world of dinosaurs in 2009.  For most of us who spend our time studying the past, we must now concentrate on what we think is going to happen in the next twelve months, to undertake some crystal ball gazing as it were.  What new discoveries will be made in the Earth sciences field in 2009?  What new fossils will be excavated and where will they be found?  In addition, we will try to think ahead and predict what will happen to Everything Dinosaur over the next year or so.  For example, what new dinosaur toys and models will Everything Dinosaur be stocking?

Our predictions, a list of what we think is going to happen in palaeontology and the study of dinosaurs, will be published on this web log shortly.

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