Young Dinosaur Fan Writes to Everything Dinosaur

For young Holly, a visit to her school by Everything Dinosaur to teach about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals really made her day.  She was so thrilled to have taken part in a dinosaur workshop that she put pen to paper and wrote Everything Dinosaur a lovely letter telling us how much she enjoyed the event.

Holly wrote:

“Dear Everything Dinosaur,

I liked it when you came to visit our school the other day.  It was my favourite thing that I have done in school all year.  I liked it when you showed us the fossils and thank you for telling us some dinosaur facts.  It was hard to believe that a dinosaur could be as big as my house.  I didn’t know that a girl Tyrannosaurus rex was probably more scary than a boy Tyrannosaurus rex.  I like dinosaurs but I am glad they are not around and that they are extinct!  Dinosaurs can be very big and scary.

Thank you once again for coming to our school.


Thank You Letter

This letter from Holly is typical of the many letters that we receive from school children.  We aim to encourage literacy and creative writing as a result of one of our visits to a school to teach about dinosaurs.

Glad you enjoyed the day Holly.

A spokesperson from the award-winning, UK-based company praised Holly for her wonderful correspondence and thanked all her class mates for their super thank you letters.  The comments and feedback from the children was delightful.

A Thank You Letter Received by Everything Dinosaur

Thank you letter received by Everything Dinosaur.

School children thank Everything Dinosaur.  Picture credit Holly.

Picture credit: Holly

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